Effortlessly Enhance School Safety with Site|SafetyNet℠: Simplify Assessments & Elevate Your Dynamic Safety Score (DSS)

SITE| SAFETYNET℠Discover the simplicity of improving your school’s safety with Site|SafetyNet℠, tailored for effortless use by your assigned staff member(s). The three straightforward assessment levels provide your school with the tools to assess and enhance safety measures significantly throughout the school year. With the Dynamic Safety Score (DSS) as your benchmark, schools quickly identify areas for improvement and track progress across the entire school year. 

SITE| SAFETYNET℠ provides schools with a three-level site safety assessment platform, designed to evaluate your school’s safety – from the exterior and interior of the campus to the efficacy of your community and law enforcement partnerships, drawing insights from situations like Uvalde to ensure comprehensive preparedness.

Our platform offers real-time insights into your school’s safety strengths and weaknesses, equipping your school with auto-generated reports across all assessment levels. Your reports feature a detailed scoring dashboard, serving as a continual reference for safety improvements throughout the entire school year. This means that your administrators, parents, and stakeholders can, immediately, have a thorough understanding of the school’s safety posture.

SITE| SAFETYNET℠ stands out for its streamlined, cloud-based design, optimized for easy, mobile-ready use, ensuring you can access critical safety information anytime, anywhere.

Level One (1): Partnership and Policy Alignment

Seated at a desk, assess partnerships with law enforcement, first responders, PTA, and media, and align bullying and mental health policies. You’ll navigate 21 sections through the platform with approximately 300 targeted questions. The straightforward process guides you to evaluate partnerships and integrate best practices for a safer school environment. Each section will be individually scored, along with an overall score. Once completed, an automated report, around 30 pages, will summarize your school’s partnership strengths and areas for improvement.

Level Two (2): Exterior Safety Assessment

Assess the exterior of your school’s campus with a tablet or mobile phone, covering over 20 key separate sections/areas. This user-friendly tool walks you through about 300 directed questions, capturing images for a comprehensive report. Upon completion, you receive a detailed 30-page report evaluating each area’s safety with a score and an overall campus exterior score. This visual dashboard helps prioritize improvements for a safer school environment.

Level Three (3): Interior Safety Assessment

Walk through your school’s interior, from classrooms to cafeterias, using a tablet or mobile phone for a detailed safety review. Assess over 25 individual sections/areas with approximately 300 controlled questions, capturing images to enrich the report. Once completed, an automated 30-page report is generated, offering a detailed evaluation of each interior area with an individual and overall interior safety score. The report’s dashboard visually summarizes safety strengths and areas needing attention, aiding in prioritizing safety enhancements.

Each level of the Site|SafetyNet℠ is designed to be intuitive. This ensures that assessing your school’s safety is a seamless and comprehensive process accessible to all administration members and provides actionable insights for a safer school environment.