Strengthening Your Law Enforcement Partnerships Is Critical

We redefine your campus into over 60 real-time safety zones and optimize protection through reassessed partnerships with law enforcement and first responders, forming the core of our proprietary foundational model.

Our "TIER - 1" Paves the Way for Stronger Law Enforcement Partnerships
via Solid MOUs and Dependable Agreements!
Strengthen Your Partnerships: “TIER – 1” ensures consolidating your alliance with Law Enforcement and First Responders through Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) and other binding agreements.
You Need an Immediate Response Commitment: Law enforcement agencies commit to immediate and coordinated responses to active shooter situations, as stipulated in your signed documents of the agreement. All Information in “TIER – 1!”
Enhancing Trust: These agreements enhance trust and collaboration between schools and the police, ensuring a swift and decisive response to critical incidents.
Reinforcing Security Framework: “TIER – 1” reinforces the security framework by establishing a clear and unwavering commitment to the safety of students and staff through formal agreements with law enforcement agencies.