You can help eliminate gun violence in
your K-12 school district.

Unleash your true potential of school security management
with cutting-edge technology

SITE|SAFETYNET℠ is a cutting-edge digital solution that is advancing safety assessments for K-12 schools and other community environments in response to
increased security challenges. This innovation replaces traditional paper forms with a mobile app, streamlining the process of safety evaluations on a regular
basis. It enables efficient monthly to annual safety assessments, revolutionizing site safety monitoring and emphasizing a strong commitment to community

Values that define us

Transforming Together: Our Collective Journey to K-12 Safety!


In-depth analysis of the school safety landscape. Identifying key challenges in K-12 security. Formulating a comprehensive safety framework and digital platform.


Development of the app's user interface and experience, focusing on ease of use and functionality. Creation of a prototype to demonstrate the app's potential.


Transitioning from prototype to full-scale development of the app. Implementing robust security measures to protect sensitive data. Confirming with experts.


Inauguration of Site|SafetyNet℠: A Comprehensive K-12 Safety and Security Framework, Platforms Ecosystem. Ongoing enhancements based on evolving needs.

Why Site|SafetyNet℠ is Your PARTNER for
School Safety Management

SITE|SAFETYNET℠ is an innovative digital solution designed to enhance school site safety assessments, particularly in K-12 institutions and community settings. By replacing traditional paper forms with a streamlined mobile application, it simplifies and modernizes the process of conducting regular safety evaluations on a monthly to annual basis. This transformation underscores a strong commitment to community safety.

Protecting Our Students Inc., a nonprofit organization, is aligned with SITE|SAFETYNET℠ to eradicate school shootings by implementing comprehensive digital infrastructure safety assessments. Our primary goal is to continue making SITE|SAFETYNET℠ site assessment apps widely available to K-12 schools, improving infrastructure safety through user-friendly digital tools. This proactive approach enables schools to efficiently conduct monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual safety checks, identifying and addressing potential hazards early, thus preventing more significant issues. The digital tools provide the flexibility to document and capture areas using mobile devices, ensuring ease of use without requiring technical expertise.

Assessment Levels

Levels 1, 2, and 3 each encompass multiple Sections. Within each Section, targeted questions are pertinent to the assessment domain of the corresponding main Level. The Sections serve as distinct categorical breakdowns of the primary assessment area for their respective level. The Dynamic Safety Score (DSS) highlights your strengths.

Schools can customize Three (3) levels of protection:
1. Align partnership with police and update safety policies
2. Exterior and surrounding areas
3. Interior campus.

By leveraging the power of digital apps, schools create a culture of continuous safety monitoring, ensuring that their facilities remain secure and conducive to learning throughout the academic year. Safety reports enhance accreditation and insurance discussions. The apps undergo continuous improvement, scaling, and updates with the invaluable assistance of educational institutions and law enforcement. The apps are designed to identify vulnerabilities on campus, both interior and exterior, and partnerships to provide proactive reporting on areas for upgrading and recommendations for ongoing safety improvement

Your Safety Processes While Intelligently Managing Your School's Security

Stay on top of safety with our app, offering concise audit
summaries, in-depth area evaluations, and user-friendly graphical
representations, enabling effortless data entry and unparalleled
storage, retrieval, and reporting of safety information that
surpasses the limitations of traditional paper documents and
activity sheets.

K-12 schools are now harnessing the power of technology that enables rapid and thorough evaluations of their school campuses, interior and exterior, uncovering potential vulnerabilities and providing proactive, actionable reports to enhance safety measures.

K-12 is now advancing Safety Scheduling with cutting-edge
technology that transforms the school security management
landscape. By streamlining routine safety protocols, making them
more efficient, cost-effective, and dependable than ever while
continuously safeguard students and staff.

Moving away from the conventional, time-consuming, labor intensive process of collecting and filling out physical paper forms
and worksheets and adopting a modern, productive, streamlined,
highly efficient, and comprehensive digital platform, standing
ready to make substantial improvements in assessing a school’s
safety infrastructure.

Your K-12 digital transformation doesn’t just make the safety process easier—it puts the user in control, enabling them to manage the affordable school safety audits with intelligent ease. In fact, many K-12 schools use the apps with their facility staff, operations, and maintenance, and some are even extending its use to their janitorial staff for a more regular approach to safety.