• Target Audience: Ideal for schools or law enforcement agencies seeking a specific, targeted approach to safety assessment.
  • Access: Grants access to one of the three assessment levels (A, B, or C), as chosen by the subscriber.
  • Customization: Offers flexibility in selecting the level that best suits the institution’s immediate needs or budget constraints.

Assessment Levels: Detailed Description:

  • Level A: Partnerships: Police, First Responders, Media, PTA, Students + Systems + Policies

Description: This level fosters a strong partnership between the school and local law enforcement agencies. It includes protocols, best practices, and actionable insights to create a cohesive safety strategy.

  • Level B: Facility Exterior + Surrounding Area + Neighborhood

Description: This level assesses the external features of the school facility, including entry points, fencing, lighting, and surveillance systems, as well as surrounding areas. It provides recommendations for improvements to enhance security.

  • Level C: Comprehensive Facility Interior Evaluation

Description: This level delves into the internal aspects of the school facility, such as classroom design, emergency exits, and communication systems. It identifies vulnerabilities and makes recommendations for remedial measures and updates.