The Essential Record of School Safety for Parents—Reviewing Scores and Ongoing Enhancements Year-Round


The K-12 SAFETYNET|REPORT℠, powered by SITE|SAFETYNET℠, is an indispensable tool designed to evaluate and continuously enhance school safety. Based on our proprietary 60-Point Safety Zone Assessment (P-60), the report methodically categorizes a school’s safety protocols into 60 detailed zones. Each zone undergoes a rigorous evaluation to identify strengths and vulnerabilities, which are then quantified using the Dynamic Safety Score (DSS) metric. This systematic approach ensures sustained improvements in school safety throughout the year. Essential for upholding high safety standards, the SAFETYNET|REPORT℠ provides stakeholders with real-time, data-driven insights crucial for making informed decisions before enrolling their children.

Key Features of the K-12 SAFETYNET|REPORT℠

  1. Proprietary P-60 Assessment: Each of the 60 safety zones—from classrooms and hallways to playgrounds and gates and including law enforcement partnerships—is rigorously evaluated to determine its current safety state. This granular approach ensures no aspect of school safety is overlooked.
  2. Dynamic Safety Scoring (DSS): The Dynamic Safety Score offers both an overall and an individual safety zone score, providing a quantifiable measure of safety that is dynamically updated in real-time for each specific zone. Schools receive a clear score—’Pass’, ‘Improve’, or ‘Fail’—which acts as a benchmark for targeted actions. This scoring system is crucial for tracking progress and prioritizing improvements via reassessments.
  3. Continuous, Year-Long Safety Enhancements: Unlike traditional safety assessments, the K-12 SAFETYNET|REPORT℠ is a living document continuously updated to reflect the current safety status of each zone. This real-time capability allows schools to respond immediately to any issues, ensuring that safety measures are always active and effective and keeping stakeholders up to date.
  4. Transparency for Parents: Parents nationwide are requesting an appraisal of school safety. With the K-12 SAFETYNET|REPORT℠, parents can have unprecedented access to real-time safety data. At any given moment, parents can request their child’s school’s exact strengths and weaknesses in real-time. This transparency not only aids in making informed decisions about school enrollment but also fosters a proactive dialogue between schools and families about ongoing safety measures.
  5. Preparation for Quarterly Reassessments: The continuous improvement cycle is designed to address any identified score weaknesses before the next scheduled reassessment. Parents and administrators can track which zones are being improved, ensuring that the school always strives to enhance its safety score protocols.
  6. Engagement and Assurance: This report empowers parents by providing them with concrete data on how their child’s school manages and improves its safety environment. Knowing that the school actively monitors and updates its safety measures gives parents peace of mind and builds trust in the institution.


The K-12 SAFETYNET|REPORT℠ by SITE|SAFETYNET℠ is more than a safety assessment; it is a vital framework of safety zone scores for ensuring that schools are safe, secure, and continuously improving. Establishing rigorous benchmarks and providing real-time visibility into school safety performance ensures that educational environments are compliant and leaders in safety and security. For parents, the K-12 SAFETYNET|REPORT℠ is a necessary prerequisite, ensuring their children are in a safe and nurturing environment every day of the school year.

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