Introduction to the Questionnaire


Welcome to the Site|SafetyNet℠ School Safety Assessment Questionnaire. The primary goal of this initiative is to collaboratively identify potential vulnerabilities within your schools’ safety and security measures.


Your insights are crucial to our collective efforts to make your schools safer. We appreciate your time and commitment to this critical endeavor. Thank you for participating and being an integral part of our journey towards creating a more secure future for our educational institutions.

Your insights into these questions are pivotal:

  1. Understanding of Safety Vulnerabilities: Are you fully aware of the extent of safety vulnerabilities and all potential deficiencies within your school’s environment, including but not limited to physical infrastructure, policies, and collaborative safety efforts with external partners?
    • YES
    • NO
    • UNSURE
  2. Certainty of Security Deficiencies: Can you confidently assert that your school’s safety measures, both on a physical and procedural level, are free of unrecognized deficiencies, weaknesses, security lapses, or gaps?
    • YES
    • NO
    • UNSURE

Section 1: Awareness and Understanding of Potential Vulnerabilities

  1. Overall Awareness: To what extent are you aware of the potential security deficiencies, weaknesses, and/or lapses on your campus, interior and exterior, including policies and partnerships?
    • Completely Aware
    • Somewhat Aware
    • Not Sure
  2. Specific Weaknesses: Can you identify specific areas, systems, or practices within your school that you believe are vulnerable to targeted violence or school shooters?
    • Yes
    • No
    • Unsure
  3. Community and Stakeholder Engagement: How often do you engage with parents, staff, students, community members, local law enforcement, and first responders to discuss and assess the school’s security measures?
    • Monthly
    • Semi-Annually
    • Annually
    • We have not engaged yet

Section 2: Security Measures and Preparedness

  1. Current Security Measures: What security measures and policies are currently in place at your school to prevent and respond to incidents of targeted violence? (Check all that apply)
    • Access Control Systems
    • Surveillance Technology
    • Emergency Response Plans
    • Communication Systems
    • Training and Drills
    • School Resource Officers (SROs) or Security Personnel
    • Physical Security Enhancements
    • Policy and Procedure Reviews
  2. Training and Drills: Describe the frequency and type of active shooter and emergency response training for staff and students. How confident are you in the effectiveness of this training?
    • Very Confident
    • Somewhat Confident
    • Not at all Confident
  3. Familiarity with Uvalde, TX, Robb Elementary Tragedy:
    • Fully Aware
    • Somewhat Aware
    • Unsure
  4. Partnerships: How strong are your partnerships with local law enforcement and emergency response teams in preparing for and responding to incidents of targeted violence?
    • Iron-clad
    • Somewhat Strong
    • Partially Formed

Section 3: Identification of Gaps and Improvement Opportunities

  1. Assessment of Security Measures: When was your school’s last comprehensive digital security assessment? What were the key findings?
    • Recent – Near Term
    • This Year
    • Last Year
    • Not Ever
  2. Familiarity with Key Findings:
    • Yes
    • No
  3. Feedback Loop: Is there a system for students, parents, and staff to report concerns regarding security vulnerabilities or threats? How effective is this system?
    • Yes – Extremely Effective
    • Somewhat Effective
    • Mixed Feelings
  4. Improvement Plans: Do you have a current action plan to address identified security gaps and weaknesses? If so, please provide a brief overview of this plan.

Section 4: Interest in External Support and Resources

  1. External Support: Would your school be interested in external support or resources to help assess and identify security weaknesses against targeted violence?


We thank the respondents for their time and emphasize the importance of their input in ensuring the safety and security of the school community.

For further questions or comments, please contact: [Insert Contact Information Here]