Introducing the Innovative School Shooting Dashboard by David Riedman – A Leap Towards Enhanced School Safety


In an era where data not only narrates the story of our present but also guides the steps toward a safer future, the role of innovative data visualization tools becomes paramount. With great admiration and support, we at Site|SafetyNet℠ spotlight an exceptional development in school safety data visualization – a new school shooting dashboard created by David Riedman, a recipient of Tableau’s ‘Data for Good’ award.

David Riedman, known for his meticulous work on the K-12 School Shooting Database, has taken a significant leap forward in making complex data accessible and interactive for all. His creation of a Tableau dashboard transcends the traditional boundaries of data analysis, offering a user-friendly, interactive platform to explore, understand, and derive insights from the data on school shootings nationwide.

The dashboard, available through Tableau Public and David Riedman’s website, is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in pursuing data-driven solutions for social issues. Developed with the support of The Information Lab (TIL+), this tool embodies the essence of ‘Data for Good,’ enabling users to delve into the intricacies of school shooting incidents quickly.

This dashboard’s ability to present a comprehensive overview of school shootings allows for an in-depth exploration of trends, impacts, and legislative landscapes. Users can filter data across various dimensions, including the nature of incidents, community impacts, and state-level gun legislation. Such granular analysis fosters a deeper understanding of the factors contributing to school shootings and the effectiveness of measures implemented to prevent them.

Moreover, the dashboard does not shy away from highlighting critical insights, such as the correlation between gun legislation restrictiveness and the frequency of school shootings per capita. Through visual representations, it tells a compelling story of the urgent need for informed policy-making and community action to protect our students and educators.

As an organization dedicated to enhancing school safety through innovative technology and comprehensive vulnerability assessments, Site|SafetyNet℠ commends David Riedman for his groundbreaking work. This dashboard is not just a tool but a beacon of hope for communities striving to understand and mitigate the threat of school shootings.

We encourage our readers, partners, and the broader school safety community to explore this dashboard, engage with the data, and contribute to the ongoing discourse on effective strategies for preventing school violence. Together, armed with knowledge and the right tools, we can pave the way towards a safer future for our schools.

To access the dashboard and learn more about David Riedman’s work, please visit HERE.

Your insights, feedback, and suggestions are invaluable as we navigate the challenges of ensuring school safety. Let us join hands in leveraging data for good, making every school safer for our children.

Robert Jordan co-founded Protecting Our Students, Inc. and is the developer of SITE|SAFETYNET℠, a platform that enhances school safety and security through innovative technology and comprehensive assessments.

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