www.sitesafetynet.orgIn the latest findings by the Pew Research Center, the alarming reality of gun-related lockdowns in schools has been highlighted, with about one in four teachers experiencing such an event last year. Specifically, 34% of high school teachers reported a lockdown, indicating a significant risk at this education level. Urban schools reported a higher occurrence (31%) compared to their suburban (19%) and rural (20%) counterparts (Pew Research Center).

The Role of Site|SafetyNet℠ in Enhancing School Safety

At Site|SafetyNet℠, we understand the urgent implications of these findings and are committed to enhancing school safety with our cutting-edge technological solutions. Our K-12 Safety Assessment Apps play a crucial role in this mission by leveraging a Dynamic Safety Score (DSS). These apps generate real-time, automated reports that provide a detailed dashboard showing the strengths and weaknesses of school security measures. This comprehensive insight, powered by the DSS, allows schools to swiftly identify, address, and improve security vulnerabilities.

Continuous Monitoring with the Dynamic Safety Score

Schools must constantly be aware of their safety strengths and weaknesses, a concern shared by parents keen to stay up to date on their child’s safety at school. By embedding scoring systems into our safety assessment reports, schools can continuously gauge their security status with precision. This scoring system acts as a critical benchmark, enabling consistent reassessments and the identification and improvement of safety vulnerabilities throughout the year.

How DSS Works

The DSS operates continuously throughout the school year, ensuring that any changes in the safety environment are immediately accounted for and that stakeholders can react quickly to potential threats. This system helps in immediate crisis management and aids in long-term safety planning, implementation, and improvement of preventive measures.

Integration of Pew Research Findings

Incorporating data from the Pew Research study helps refine and tailor the DSS functionalities to meet the specific needs highlighted by such comprehensive studies. For instance, with high anxiety levels reported by teachers, particularly in urban areas, the DSS can be calibrated to focus more on these high-risk zones, potentially directing more resources and attention to where they are most needed.

Visualizing Data for Clarity

Our platform integrates visual aids like the charts used by Pew Research, providing an intuitive understanding of the data and findings. These visuals help quickly disseminate crucial information to facilitate swift decision-making processes.



The partnership between empirical research from Pew and advanced technological solutions like those offered by Site|SafetyNet℠ represents a potent tool in the ongoing effort to make schools safer for everyone. By understanding the specific areas of concern highlighted by research and continuously monitoring safety through innovative technology, we can hopefully reduce the frequency and impact of such distressing events.

Please visit their full report here for a deeper insight into the Pew Research findings. HERE 

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