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In May 2024, a disturbing number of school shootings occurred across the United States. Our information is sourced from David Riedman, who has diligently tracked these incidents. The following is a detailed account of these tragic events and their implications, supplemented by insights from SITE|SAFETYNET℠.

A Troubling Start to the Month

On May 1, police responded to an active shooter situation at Mount Horeb Middle School in rural Wisconsin. Officers encountered a teenager outside the school carrying a long black rifle. When the teen failed to comply with commands, officers shot and killed him. Four days later, it was revealed that the rifle was a $100 pellet gun available at Walmart and Amazon.

DOJ: New Details on the Incident

The teen’s online posts indicated an obsession with the Columbine shooting, detailing a visit to the site and expressing a desire to acquire an AR-15 rifle. He posted “my last morning” just before taking the pellet gun to school. Although this teen intended to carry out a school shooting, he fortunately lacked access to a lethal weapon.

Launch of the Back to School Shooting Podcast

In May, David Riedman released the first episode of the Back to School Shooting podcast. The podcast features 30-minute uncut interviews with experts in education, policing, criminology, public health, mental health, terrorism, and technology. New episodes will be released bi-weekly and are available on various podcast platforms.

Key Topics Covered in May

  1. Ohio’s Mobile Shoot Houses for Teacher Training: Ohio invests in mobile shoot houses to train armed teachers.
  2. Gun Violence at High School Graduations: Exploring the rise in gun violence during graduation ceremonies.
  3. Combined Shooting and Bombing Threats: Discussing the complexities of handling simultaneous threats.
  4. Eight Archetypes of School Shooters: Data science reveals patterns among school shooters.
  5. The Mount Horeb Middle School Shooting: Detailed analysis of the incident and its implications.
  6. Missed Warning Signs: Reviewing the overlooked indicators that could have prevented the Wisconsin shooting.
  7. Noise Audit for Threat Assessments: Continuing the evaluation of noise levels in school shooting threat assessments.

Noteworthy Incidents

Washington, DC Shooting

On May 3, a female student in Washington, DC, was struck by a bullet while inside her classroom. The shot came from outside, where teens were fighting. Video footage revealed a dozen bullet holes in the school’s windows, indicating the shooter likely used a Glock handgun equipped with an automatic firing switch.

Analysis of May 2024 Incidents

The incidents in May 2024 continue the troubling trend of school shootings over the past three years. While the number of shootings has not exponentially increased from 2023 to 2024, the number of victims in May 2024 is higher than in 2023 but significantly lower than in 2022.

Patterns and Locations

Random Incidents

On May 23, an unidentified individual used a pellet rifle to break windows at Whittier Elementary School in Butte, MT. While no one was injured, the act of property damage was unsettling for students, staff, and parents. Historical context shows that such incidents can precede more severe violence, as seen in the 1979 Cleveland Elementary School shooting.

Late Night Party Shooting

On May 31, a man was shot during a late-night party on the campus of Arthur Hill High School in Saginaw, MI, following graduation. This incident underscores the need for increased security measures during school-related events.

Insights from SITE|SAFETYNET℠

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The month of May 2024 saw a significant number of school shootings, each contributing to the ongoing concern for school safety. By understanding the patterns and taking proactive measures, we can work towards preventing future incidents. As always, if it’s predictable, it’s preventable.

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