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New York Supreme Court Affirms Custodian’s Assault Conviction

In a significant ruling, the New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, has upheld the conviction of a 19-year-old custodian for second and third-degree assault. This conviction arises from an incident where the custodian, during a physical struggle, fired a school resource officer’s weapon, shooting the officer in the foot. The appellate court ruled against suppressing statements made by the custodian while in custody, emphasizing that not all comments made by police officers in response to an inquiry are considered interrogations. The court held that the custodian’s statements were admissible as they were made spontaneously, without inducement or provocation. The case citation is People v. Franco.

North Carolina Faces Controversy Over School Resource Officers

In North Carolina, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s decision to withdraw resource officers and crossing guards from public schools in Hope Mills and other towns has caused a public outcry. This decision, driven by the Sheriff’s staffing concerns for his department, has led to the Hope Mills police chief and town manager speaking out about the potential negative impact on school safety.

Wisconsin Legislature Mandates Police Presence in Milwaukee Schools

The Wisconsin legislature has enacted Assembly Bill 245, requiring the deployment of 25 police officers in Milwaukee Public Schools. This legislative move has sparked protests from students advocating for a compromise. The students propose that school resource officers be stationed discreetly on campuses, away from classrooms and buildings, to balance security and a non-intrusive educational environment.

Maryland’s Carroll County Adopts Unique Approach to Student Arrests

Carroll County, Maryland officials have announced that arrested students rarely face criminal prosecution. Instead, these cases are referred to the Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) for intake. DJS then decides whether to drop the case, impose consequences, or refer the case to the State’s Attorney’s Office for criminal charges. This approach ensures that most cases are resolved at the intake stage, minimizing the criminalization of student behavior.

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