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By Robert Jordan


This Independence Day heralds a pivotal shift in Louisiana’s approach to gun legislation. Louisiana now permits adults aged 18 and over to carry concealed firearms without the need for permits or training. Spearheaded by @BlakeMiguezLA and endorsed by @JeffLandry, this legislation introduces “constitutional carry” to the state, stirring a significant debate on the balance between gun rights, #publicsafety, and #schoolsafety. This discussion resonates deeply with SITE|SAFETYNET℠, which is dedicated to enhancing security and preventing #activeshooter incidents.

The Core of Louisiana’s New Legislation:

The new law positions Louisiana alongside 27 other states that have embraced some form of permit-less concealed carry. Advocates argue that these laws affirm Second Amendment rights and simplify law-abiding citizens’ process of defending themselves. Senator Miguez emphasizes that this law levels the playing field, stating, “This puts honest citizens on equal footing with criminals who ignore gun laws entirely.”

The Safety Debate: More Guns, More Risk?

Opponents like Moms Demand Action counter that removing the requirement for training and permits could escalate gun-related accidents and violence. They contend that mandatory training helps ensure responsible gun ownership and understanding of the laws governing firearm use. Countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia serve as benchmarks, demonstrating how stringent gun control measures can lead to substantially lower rates of gun violence.

Global Perspectives on Gun Legislation:

Internationally, strict gun laws in places like the UK and Australia, especially following tragedies like the Port Arthur massacre in 1996, have proven effective in reducing gun deaths. These examples illustrate how comprehensive regulations can decrease gun violence, offering a perspective that more accessible guns might indeed compromise public safety.

SITE|SAFETYNET℠’s Role in Adapting to New Challenges:

As Louisiana adapts to this expanded gun freedom, the necessity for meticulous safety assessments in schools and public spaces becomes increasingly critical. SITE|SAFETYNET℠ addresses this need with our proprietary 60-Point Safety Zone and Dynamic Safety Score (DSS), which allow us to perform detailed evaluations and continuously enhance security measures. Our cloud-based SAFETYNET|REPORT℠, a cornerstone of our service, provides a real-time comprehensive analysis of school safety across these defined zones. This auto-generated report systematically identifies and addresses security vulnerabilities within educational institutions, enabling continuous monitoring and systematic improvement of safety measures. Available to K-12 schools via an annual subscription for only $990, it is an indispensable active tool, particularly amidst the increased prevalence of firearms following the expansion of gun rights.

Implementation and Continuous Improvement:

The SAFETYNET|REPORT℠ is essential for schools to refine and enhance their safety protocols, particularly in response to heightened threats. Our services are instrumental in identifying deficiencies and earmarking areas for improvement throughout the school year. By developing and implementing strategic safety enhancements, we address and mitigate risks associated with the increased presence of #firearms in school environments and public spaces. This ensures that safety measures are maintained and continually advanced, prioritizing safety and security. #safeschools


Louisiana’s legislative change marks a significant moment in the ongoing debate between #gunrights and public safety. While supporters herald it as a victory for personal freedom, the examples from other countries with stricter #gunlaws suggest caution, highlighting the potential risks to public safety. In this evolving landscape, SITE|SAFETYNET℠ remains steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that every learning environment remains a haven against possible threats, actively addressing the challenges posed by these legislative changes through rigorous safety assessments and continuous security improvements. Overview Video [1 min]

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