www.sitesafetynet.orgA: Pain Point

School shootings and gun-related violence are critical issues facing K-12 schools today, creating unsafe environments that hinder students’ ability to learn and thrive. Schools struggle to implement comprehensive safety measures due to lacking resources, expertise, and systematic approaches to identify and address vulnerabilities.

SiteSafetyNet℠ Safety AssessmentsB: Compliance and Necessity

Compliance with state and federal safety regulations is mandatory, yet many schools find it challenging to meet these standards without a structured framework. Schools need our real-time service to ensure they adhere to safety regulations and proactively protect students and staff from potential threats.

C: Unique Offering

SITE|SAFETYNET℠ offers a unique, cloud-based platform designed explicitly for K-12 schools, providing three tiers of site safety audits. Our real-time platform breaks down each campus into 60 detailed safety sections, creating precise benchmarks based on our proprietary Dynamic Safety Score (DSS) that empower schools to improve their safety measures throughout the entire school year continually.

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