Welcome to Our "Try Before You Buy" Initiative at Site|SafetyNet℠.

Elevate Your School’s Safety with Confidence

At Site|SafetyNet℠, we’re dedicated to enhancing the safety and security of your educational environment with our advanced safety apps and Dynamic Safety Score (DSS).

Understanding the critical importance of trust and effectiveness in safety solutions, we’ve launched our “Try Before You Buy” initiative. This unique program allows your school to fully implement our three-tiered safety apps and experience their transformative impact of providing you with three (3) dashboard reports detecting security gaps. Site|SafetyNet℠ is a holistic, integrated program employing a multi-layered assessment strategy to proactively identify risks and improve safety.

The program’s strategy and methods are based on hundreds of hours of development and supported by over ten years of experience controlling the risks of targeted violence in diverse educational environments.


You only commit financially if you see tangible value and benefits.

Initiative Overview

Our “Try Before You Buy” initiative is designed to provide your school with a comprehensive exploration of our safety apps at no initial cost. We’re confident in the effectiveness of our solutions and want you to experience firsthand how they can enhance your school’s security posture.

 SiteSafetyNet℠ Safety Assessments

How It Works

  1. Full Implementation: Your school will gain access to all three (3) levels of our safety apps, designed to address a broad spectrum of security concerns comprehensively.
  2. Comprehensive Reports: Through our dynamic scoring system, you’ll receive three (3) detailed reports pinpointing security gaps and outlining areas of improvement, as well as insights to analyze your school’s safety infrastructure and stakeholder partnerships.
  3. Onboarding & Support: Our team will guide you through onboarding, ensuring seamless integration of our apps into a routine protocol.
  4. Evaluation Period: Use our apps to experience their full capabilities in your school environment and assess their impact, usability, and effectiveness in real time.
  5. Decision Making: At the end of the implementation, decide whether to proceed with your purchase based on the value and benefits experienced during the application.


Why Join?

  • Zero Initial Cost: Explore our comprehensive safety solutions without financial commitment for three (3) weeks.
  • Informed Decision: Make your purchase decision based on the results of our apps in your unique school environment.
  • Expert Support: Receive dedicated support and guidance from our team throughout the assessment period.
  • Valuable Insights: Our Dynamic Safety Score (DSS) system provides detailed areas requiring safety improvement in sections to address security vulnerabilities effectively.


Get Started

Begin your journey toward unparalleled school safety today. Sign up below for our “Try Before You Buy” initiative and take the first step towards a safer educational environment.

For further details, call (888) 500-3393 any time. Together, we can create safer learning spaces.


Looking forward to bringing advanced safety solutions to your school with Site|SafetyNet℠.


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